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Member: 5 years
Cub 33 (North attleboro, MA)

Thought of the day

You only get one chance to make a first impression.


Why I'm a Cougar/Cub

I'm a Cub because I truly value the presence of women older than myself and the interactions that occur between us. The wisdom and class women older than myself exhibit is something I respect and admire. They are much more secure in regards to self awareness and have achieved many long term goals. The company of a Cougar is something I highly desire for it implements a certain tension; one that is never uncomfortable, but amazingly addictive. The affability of a Cougar makes for deep and meaningful conversations, with associated flirting and small talk in between.

My first encounter

My first encounter with a Cougar was about 2 years ago. We had been acquainted for a few weeks and became much closer in time. She was 38 and I 25 :) This Cougar did appreciate my giving nature ;)

My favorite celebrity cougars and cubs

Sara Jay

Favorite Web Sites

I do play on the facebook I also rock a couple of dating sites See me around! :)
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  • Sophia Rush Urban Cougar October 2008

    Hello Steve thank you for your friendship request here on Urban Cougar.. You are a handsome man~ as well I see by your writting quite intelligent ,,, Nice.. Wishing you Happy Holidays darlin Smiles, Sophia - Sophia Rush Urban Cougar October 2008

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