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Our Kind of Stimulus

Our Kind of Stimulus
Are you as tired as us with all this debate over the stimulus package currently happening in the halls of Congress? Really, is there anything less stimulating than discussing the merits of Keynesian Economic Theory? Anything? Well, things are about to get more a lot more stimulating in the world of politics...

Porn is coming to the floor of the U.S. Senate!

Yes, that's right, if she has her way, porn star Stormy Daniels (link NSFW) will be the next junior senator of the great state of Louisiana. Stormy has thrown her hat in the ring for the upcoming Republican primary after much little persuasion from the Draft Stormy initiative. The group has been prodding the porn star to take on sitting Senator David Vitter. Why? Because Sen. Vitter's been out there portraying himself as the defender of the conservative faith. Big deal, right? Well, Vitter's got something of a less than conservative past, what with his name showing up in the address book of the DC Madam.

That bit of trivia seems to have been lost in the media shuffle, and the folks at Draft Stormy think that ain't right. And they believe their girl is just the babe to draw his hypocrisy out in the open and spoil his re-election campaign. For her part, Stormy seems up to the task. She recently talked to Max Blumenthal at Daily Beast about her political aspirations.

"I absolutely would [challenge Sen. Vitter to a debate] but I don't think he has the balls to confront because he knows I would win. What could he possibly say? And if that doesn't work, then I'd be happy to wrestle him."

Wow, we love this obvious cougar-in-training. We're going to keep our eye on Stormy, no question, and fully endorse her candidacy.

Photo Source: Stormy Daniels Myspace
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