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Top Cougars of '08: Kim Cattrall

Top Cougars of '08: Kim CattrallIn April 30th of this year, actress Kim Cattrall told Oprah Winfrey, "I'm limitless as far as age is concerned... as long as he has a driver's license." It's just this sort of attitude you'd expect from the Sex and the City star and number 4 on our Top Cougar countdown.

Through her character Samantha on the hit HBO show and now blockbuster movie, Kim has helped define the stylish, sophisticated and sexy cougar. She's tough, no-holds-barred and knows what she wants. And she's not afraid to go after it.

Kim has become a role model for older women everywhere, proving that age is no barrier to sexiness. And Kim, at 52, is undeniably sexy. If you need proof, look only to this series of nude photographs (NSFW) she posed for in the name of art and charity.

That's the kind of charity we can appreciate.

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Photo Source: The Daily Telegraph

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