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Top Cougars of '08: Lauren Hutton

Top Cougars of '08: Lauren Hutton
Lauren Hutton may not have gotten the publicity of Jennifer Aniston or starred in a major film like Kim Cattrall, but very quietly this 65 year-old beauty (yes, 65!) had a pretty nice year. Fresh off a recurring guest role on Nip Tuck at the end of 2007, Hutton continued her winning streak by becoming the new face of both designer-brand Mango and Mary-Kate and Ashley's new line, as well. The Olsens understand "she's obviously a style icon." And Ashley shoots straight to our heart, having told, "She's older and she's beautiful, and that is sexy to us."

In addition to the modeling gigs, Hutton nabbed a role in David Duchovny's upcoming film The Joneses, was honored as a beauty icon by at the Bravo A-List Awards (where she gave a memorable, if rambling speech), and caused a little controversy on The Today Show where she showed disdain for Sex and The City and claimed the show was a kind of male gay slut fantasy or something. (Cougars are nothing if not outspoken!) All of this on top of continuing to run her highly successful Lauren Hutton brand cosmetics company.

But what we like most about Lauren is what she represents. When she posed nude at 61 years old, she told Good Morning America, "I want them (women) not too be ashamed of who they are when they're in bed. Society has told us to be ashamed."

Lauren knows something all of us here know. Society don't know shit.

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