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Training Watch: Denise Milani

Training Watch: Denise MilaniHmmm. What do we love about Denise Milani? Can't quite put our finger on it. Is it her long, flowing brunette hair? Her dark, come-hither eyes? Whatever it is, we've been drawn to Denise for some time and closely followed her rapid rise to Internet superstardom.

The native of the Czech Republic first came to prominence as an SBB Girl on the blog SportsByBrooks, which makes sense. While the blog is ostensibly about sports, it's really more interested in girls with large breasts. Aren't we all?

Since her tour of duty at SBB, Denise has ventured off on her own to launch a website. In the process she's become a modern-day Cindy Margolis (only way hotter!), overheating young men and search engines alike, despite refusing (thus far) to pose nude. We assume she's just good at marketing and driving up the price.

And that makes us think the 28 year-old has something of a cougar growing within her. She's clearly hot, seems equally at home in a hot evening dress or loose bath robe, and is totally in control. I mean, men pay her good money to get teased relentlessly. Now that's power.

So keep an eye on Denise. She might just be coming to a cougar den near you.

Visit Denise Milani's website.

Become her "friend" on myspace or Facebook.

Oh, seems self-evident, but guess we should probably mention that, though there's no nudity, most of these links are mildly NSFW. And since we've warned you already, why not share a little video. Many of you young cubs in the community seem to like to take pics of yourselves in front of the bathroom mirror, so this video seemed apropos.

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