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Guitar Hero Teaches Lesson in Advertising

Guitar Hero Teaches Lesson in Advertising

Companies looking to reach the male youth market can learn a thing or two from the folks at Guitar Hero as they push their new Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Kit .

It's a simple lesson really. If you want to ensure that every male age 12 to 99 learns about your new product, follow these simple steps.

1) Hire the hottest chick in the world - in this case, Heidi Klum

2) Make sure she's more or less naked.

3) Have her re-create a famous scene from a popular teen movie and by virtue of her presence (and Tom Cruise's absence), make it a billion times hotter.

4) Stick your product in her hands.

5) Have her writhe around on the couch and make all kinds of sexually expressive faces.

6) Videotape the whole thing.

7) Put said video on YouTube.

8) Reap the benefits.

It's really that simple. Wanna see for yourself?

Kinda works, no?

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