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Link Love Sunday (11/2/08)

Link Love Sunday (11/2/08)Before we get around to another round of links, first a reminder. It's time to turn back the clock an hour. That is all.

Okay, now on to the links...

Barbara Walters not-so-subtly oggles Michael Phelps (Gawker)

Speaking of Michael Phelps, he was paid $100,000 to swim some laps at "an LA pool party for a TV network chief's wife" (Page Six)

Palin punked by French Canadians (Boing Boing)

Madonna and A-Rod masters of Seinfeld's domain (The Superficial)

Real cougar wonders what happened to the fun in sex (Los Angeles Examiner)

Say it ain't so: Halle Berry moving to Canada? (Celebuzz)

Helen Mirren: Dame of the Year (Esquire)

Author Cheryl Robinson plugs Urbancougar! And professes she's in love with a younger man (My Best Life / 365)

Salon writer bravely defends casual sex (Salon)

Lucia talks with the folks at Sin City Sessions (Blog Talk Radio)

Calf Care offers "7 Darn Good Reasons to Date Younger Men" (Calf Care)

Additional evidence that Elle MacPherson is super hot (Hollywood Tuna)

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