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Zima Downed

Zima Downed

The year was 1993. Millions of angst-ridden teens found solace in the depressing sounds of Nirvana. Excited young boys got their first glimpse of Demi Moore's suddenly huge breasts in Indecent Proposal. And young girls everywhere were getting drunk for the first time on a brand-new malt beverage called Zima.

Well, folks, the only thing left from that magical year is Demi Moore and her glorious figure. Kurt Cobain is long dead. And now Zima has gone the way of the dodo.

MillerCoors announced it is discontinuing Zima, the delicious clear malt drink that exploded onto the scene in 1993. This is heartbreaking news, even if we were under the impression that Zima had been discontinued years ago.

We bet, in the hot summer of '93, some of you younger (sub)urban cougs out there, hot to trot at 17, awkwardly pimped a sixer of Zima off some willing college student at the local AM/PM and proceeded to get really hammered on the stuff in some public park. Well, if not Zima, then surely Peppermint Schnaaps. It was a rite of passage.

Yes, of course there are still plenty of alternatives for underage experimenters, from the dangerous Lynchburg Lemonade to the always refreshing wine cooler, but Zima was something special. Not quite beer, but not not beer, Zima convinced you that maybe drinking it was cool. You were wrong, of course, but it made you think.

So, a fond farewell, Zima. You will be sorely missed. But you'll live on in our hazy memories of high school.


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