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Blogger Asks, "Why Am I Supposed to Date Older Men Again?"

Thoughtful Jezebel blogger Megan asks the question and proceeds to outline just about every reason dating older men sucks. She begins:

Like most women, most of my dating life, I've dated older boys and men. It's almost what you're supposed to do, right? Men mature more slowly, they're less ready to settle down, they're less self-confident when they're younger. Older man are supposed to be more settled, more confident, more mature, more relationship-ready. Well, I'm 30 and I'm calling bullshit on all those theories. At this point, some of the most fucked-up men, the ones who treated me the worst, were older than me — often a lot older.

She then goes into rather explicit detail the myriad ways in which older men have done her wrong. It's both horrifying and hysterical. We'll let you read it for yourself.

We will let you know that she comes out the other side okay, mainly because she's forsaken older men to date almost exclusively younger men. She writes:

And so, in about the last year, I've slowly weaned myself off of dating older men. The oldest guy I've gone out with all year was 31. And while I won't say — with one exception — that any of the relationships I've had have been emotionally intense or long-lasting, neither have I spent hours upon hours tearing my hair out or wondering what's wrong with me. By and large, the guys I've gone out with (all of whom were old enough to drink, thank you) have been whip-smart, funny, charming, respectful and genuinely interested in talking with me rather than at me or to me. There's been no sexual pressure, no attempts at coercion, no efforts to try to push my boundaries in ways I'm uncomfortable with. And, happily, there's been no need for Viagra, little interest in rolling over and passing out, and a hell of a lot more cuddling and general PDA than I've previously had in even long-term relationships. Hand-holding? Yeah, it's still fun, even at my age.

We're happy for you, Megan. See, naysayers, young cubs are all about pleasing the ladies!

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