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Connecting Sugar Mamas and Boy Toys

Connecting Sugar Mamas and Boy Toys
The trend of older women dating younger men is growing steadily, and it's no surprise that opportunistic dating services are looking for ways to take advantage. CNBC recently reported on one such company, Pocket Change NYC, which threw its Sugar Mama's and Boy Toys event in Manhattan earlier this year. The goal was to match wealthy and attractive older women with desirable young man meat.

Jeremy Abelson, CEO of Pocket Change, told CNBC, "Older women with younger men is absolutely becoming an emerging trend... The reason I feel so good about what we’re doing is because we are supporting the fact that it's the women’s turn."

Obviously, we know Mr. Abelson is on to something. But don't want to take our word for it. Here's what professional matchmaker and author Janis Spindel told CNBC:

"All I hear all day long is that 'Oh, I’d really rather date a guy younger, who can keep up with me.'"

You and us both, Ms. Spindel.

And what about the guys? What do they have to say? Well, Paul Janka, the 32 year-old author of the clearly classy Getting Laid In NYC online guidebook, got to the heart of what a lot of less enlightened cubs want. "Some of these more mature women have a lot of bedroom experience under their belt, so to speak, so that could be interesting to explore, too," he told CNBC.

Anyway, it's a worthwhile look into the emerging dating trend, so give it once over. Of course the CNBC article (and related video) had to go on and say, "Women who pursue men more than seven years their junior are sometimes derogatorily referred to as 'cougars,' because of the perception that they’re on the hunt." We assume that's just the media political correctness at work. After all, clearly being called a Sugar Mama or Boy Toy is far more desirable than a cougar or a cub.

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