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Tango Asks If Sexy Halle is a Cougar

Tango Asks If Sexy Halle is a Cougar
Like us, the folks over at Tango are down with Esquire's selection of Halle Berry as "Sexiest Woman Alive." They say, "We’re not going to sugarcoat it; Halle Berry is ridiculously attractive." Couldn't agree more. They also notice that Halle is more than 10 years older than other past winners of the award were at their time of honoring, and continue to pose a little question:

On top of that, old Halle Berry maaaaaay be a cougar. We’ve always been under the impression that if you’re over 40 and dating a man 10 years your junior that you are a cougar. So, Halle Berry’s boyf, Gabriel Aubry, is 10 years younger than the 42-year old actress. So, is Halle Berry a cougar? And are you still a cougar if the dude is your baby’s daddy? What if you plan on having more kids with dude, as Us Weekly claims they’re planning. Also, can you still be cougar-bait if your dude is over 30? And what if the guy looks exactly like Sawyer from Lost, does that make any difference? Maybe we should just kick the whole cougar sobriquet to the curb until someone can figure this out.

Allow us, the experts, to answer each of these questions posed by our friends at Tango...


Oh, and by the way, how friggin hot is this pic of Halle? I mean, we could've done without the Deliverance-era Burt Reynolds, but sakes alive!

has many more amazing photos of Halle that really need to be seen to be believed.

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