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Cougars “Get Down” in Orlando…

Ahh…Relaxation was the plan for a 5 day vacation in Orlando for my business partner and I…When bam we were thrown into a cougars nest….I am here to tell you that the bar 8-trax at Pleasure Island in Orlando Florida is by far one of the best places to experience the thrill of Cougar hunting…!
Here is our true story…. Told by a Friend of ours.

“O.k. they blew us off. Dammit!, I knew it, I knew it Donnie!” Talking about the two beautiful Kentucky natives from the night before.”Well Walter this is the time buddy where you gotta fight through adversary and establish new communications. C’mon lets go to 8-Trax you know that’s the den!”--True Statement-- So about 10 drinks later Donnie and Walter are pretty much the best thing goin in the bar I mean they got 4 beautiful, fun, outgoing Cougars on the line…I mean Walter and Donnie were dancing like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to the 70’s hit “Get Down On It” literally…these guys were good! --Remember 8-Trax plays 70’s and 80’s music.(Purfect for Cougar hunting)-- So, anyway the guys somehow relay the message that they are having a house party after the bar closes and that they had a limo that would take them to Donnie’s family vacation home.(Which just so happened to be about $2 mil) I mean this thing is sweet. Big pool and hot tub, 6 bedrooms the whole nine yards. The cougars agree to make the trip! So once back at the house the fun began with skinny dipping in the hot tub and pool and just drinkin having a good time until 6 in the morning (I mean these Cougars were partier’s and so much fun and hott!) which ended in a couple extra-curricular activities...wink wink
The guys called a town car for the ladies in the morning. After a surprisingly un-awkward coffee session that consisted of talking and laughing about the crazy fun night and the fact that they were indeed Cougars!….and that’s about when the car arrived and the ladies went on their way!
-“Wow Whatta Night!”

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