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First Time

So my first cougar experience came one summer during college a few years ago. I was 21 and spending my first summer at my college town, away from my home city. My roommates and I went to a summer concert at a park, and after some music, food and a case of beer, we ran into a group of three hot older women sitting on a blanket on the grass. We walked over because we spotted one of our friends passed out right next to them, and struck up a conversation because of it. I have to admit that my roommate was pretty smooth, because while I chatted up one of them, he was holding the full and unwavering attention of the other two. While my roommate entertained her friends, the third woman and I really hit it off, finding out we were in the same line of work and had tons of similar interests. Soon they started kicking everyone out and so we decided to meet up at a bar later that night.
At the bar, some old redneck rock band was playing, and even though that music wasn’t exactly conducive to dancing, we bumped and grinded all throughout the band’s set. It was a pretty small bar, and we had everyone gawking at us, which I’m pretty sure turned her on. After some making out, I tried to get her to come home with me, but she refused, instead exchanging numbers. My roommate had even less luck, since he found out that the other two women were married. We hung out twice more, once making out in her parked car outside my apartment, and another time going to a bar. The third night we hung out, she showed up early at my place, while I was still just wearing shorts, playing guitar and drinking jager. We made jager bombs, I played some guitar for her, and went to the bar. After only a few drinks, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and went back to my place, where we pretty much tore each others clothes off and yadda yadda yadda.
I had always known that she was older, but even though I asked her how old she was once, she refused to tell me. The next morning, as I was making breakfast, feeling pretty cool, my roommate comes up and tells me that he saw her purse on the table that night and went through it to find her id. She was 39.
I ended up seeing her on a pretty regular basis for about four or five months. She would take me out drinking, or pick me up from the bars or parties, and she was even comfortable enough to party with me and my friends even though we were all barely out of our teens. I feel bad to admit it, but I actually started getting kinda bored, and the worse I treated her the more she came back to me. We eventually broke it off, but to this day, I still catch myself thinking about her and fantasizing about my first cougar.
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