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Caree | Urbancougar of the Month | July 2011

After an 8 year marriage to a man eight years her senior, Caree filed for divorce and has never looked back. She purchased a home and supported herself through photography and modeling.  Always on the go, this single mother of two, trains in Jiu-Jitsu or hits the gym to maintain her appearance and assure she has her choice of potential partners.

Caree describes herself as a strong, independent, out-going, assertive woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, regardless of society's constraints. She thrills in the chase, the banter and the energy that, typically, only a younger man has. “I am not at all ashamed to say I am a sexual person. One day I may find a partner who can keep up with me.”

Blond, Hispanic, bi-lingual, self-sufficient and ready to go!  What more could we ask for?

What do you think it means to be a Cougar?
Life experience is a great instructor.  You learn your likes, your dislikes, what you are attracted to, and what leaves you cold.  A mature woman has a choice – she can either act on this knowledge, or follow the old role…and hope something she can live with comes along.  I prefer the active role.  A Cougar is an active participant in her own life and in making her own future.

When did it become clear that you preferred the company of younger men?
Being active and single in my 30’s pushed me towards a younger group.  And as years passed – let’s be honest here – the remaining pool of men my age fell into three categories – divorced, un-marriageable, and non-participants/gay.  And the men my age were all looking for younger women.   Never mind that most of them had lost the zest for life I find essential in a relationship.

What do you find attractive about younger men?
Their vitality, sense of humor, active lifestyles and willingness to explore new experiences.  Aging can push men into fixed mindsets – I prefer flexibility.

Why do you think they're drawn to you?
It’s my energy, my outlook and my sense of humor.  It’s also because I maintain myself, I’m physically active and I think I have a unique sense of style.

Tell us about your latest/favorite experience with a younger man?
An 8-month relationship with a lovely 25 year old.  We’d see each other twice a week for dinner.  It was the most uncomplicated and healthy of relationships I ever had…and we had great chemistry.

How do you maintain your feline allure?
Exercise, exercise…plus an outgoing personality.  This isn’t dressing like someone half my age – it’s appearing in a way that makes me feel good and that feeling radiates.

What advice would you give a Cub looking to impress a Cougar?
Give up on being a player.  Been there, seen that, know the drill.  Give up on 
“Rico Suave” and do some research about what a woman really wants in a physical relationship.  Both heads need to be active.  Confidence and intelligence is always a huge turn-on.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Cougars?
Confidence attracts same.  To look good you must feel good, so being physically active is essential.  Sexiness is internal.  If you go after what you want, you can get it – age is just a number.  Put away the flannels ladies.  Get out the garter belts and have some fun!

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