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The Hottest Cougars on TV

There have never been more gorgeous older women lighting up the small screen than right now, right? Every where you turn a hot cougar is stealing scenes whether on the networks, cable or on the premium channels.

The million dollar question is: who are the hottest over 40?! Here's a list of our ten favorites. Who's on yours?

Carla Gugino (pictured above)
Carla doesn't turn 40 until August, but we rounded up because she's been one of our favorites for years. We often lamented that she seemed woefully underused as an actress. But that's changed. She's stormed pay cable with parts in Showtime's Californication and HBO's Entourage, reminding the world she's one of the sexiest women around.

Tina Fey

Smart is sexy. Funny is sexy. Glasses are sexy. Tina Fey has emerged as one of TV's funniest and most powerful women. And we love her.

Christa Miller
Here's the thing about Christa. She's the best part of everything she's on. First it was Scrubs and now Cougar Town. She always steals the show because she's ballsy, brash and beautiful.

Vanessa Williams
She's single-handedly made Desperate Housewives worth watching again. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but she's definitely the only reason we'd tune in.

Jeri Ryan
What's it about, Jeri? Is it those lips? Those eyes? The fact that she evokes our inner nerd because she rose to fame on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Whatever it is, we'd watch her in anything, including her new show Body of Proof.

Dana Delany
Speaking of Body of Proof. It's not typically our kind of thing, but when you've got Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan it could be about anything and we'd still tune in.

Stacey Dash
The former Clueless star disappeared for awhile but now she's back with a new show on VH1 called Single Ladies and has put in a serious bid for top honors as TV's hottest actress over 40.

Melinda Clarke
There's a special place in our heart for Melinda. Her turn as cougar Julie Cooper on Fox's The OC coincided with the launch of many moons ago and she's been an inspiration all along. She's so sizzling, she even managed to steam up CSI. Now she's brought her seductive charms to the CW's new series Nikita.

Julie Bowen
Sofia Vergara draws most of the attention, but her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen deserves oodles of it, too. We fell in love with her along with Happy Gilmore and wanted her as much as Ed.

Catherine Bell
It's easy to forget Catherine Bell is still on television, but she's reminding us why we love a woman in uniform over on Lifetime.

Sofia Vergara
| Honorable Mention
Born in 1972, Sofia Vergara just misses our cut-off here, but because this will list will live on for years in the internet ether and we're rather confident she'll immediately become the hottest over 40 actress when she crosses the threshold, well... is there any reason to explain? Is there anyone on earth that wouldn't include her on this list?

Well, those are our picks. It was tough. There are so many lovely ladies gracing the tube limiting it to ten was nearly impossible. What do you think? Did we do okay? Who did we miss?

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