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Cougar Hotspots: Las Vegas

Cougar Hotspots: Las VegasLas Vegas is prime cougar hunting territory, as the city not only plays host to thousands of weddings (and bachelor parties) every year but is also one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Better yet, Vegas is known for its “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” attitude, which means that plenty of potential cougar targets are looking for some no-strings attached fun the minute they set foot in Sin City. The poker room scene and clubs in Vegas also appeal to a young, male crowd, so cougars will have plenty of options when hunting their prey.

It doesn’t hurt that many casinos provide free drinks at the gaming tables, and that alcohol in general flows very freely in Las Vegas. With inhibitions falling away, it’s very easy for two ships passing in the night to bump into one another all over Vegas, whether at a casino, the famous V Bar at the Venetian, or elsewhere. Add in the fact that plenty of people book a trip to Vegas with the possibility of hooking up high on their list, so it’s one of the easier cities in the world for cougars to find younger men from all walks of life.

Organized cougar conventions and parties make it even easier, as the cougar potential of Las Vegas is already being capitalized on by a wide range of organizers and groups -- not surprising in a city that’s built its fame and fortune on catering to just about every human desire under the sun. Many cougars are happy to wear their spots with pride these days, with more and more conventions and tours catering to them openly.

Aside from the normal stream of tourists and visitors, Vegas also is the home for some of the world’s largest Texas Holdem poker tournaments, rodeos, and UFC fights -- all events that attract a huge crowd of young, rowdy men to Vegas on a regular basis. With an already target-rich environment getting even richer at various times throughout the year, it’s hard for cougars to go wrong with a trip to Las Vegas.

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