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CZJ Wants More Cougar Roles!

CZJ Wants More Cougar Roles!Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, and according to this interview with The Mirror, "she's out to prove 40-year-olds can do it just as well as 20-somethings ever did." Basically she wants more cougar roles, and we couldn't be happier!

The process begins with her latest movie. As The Mirror notes, "She turns 41 in two months' time and her hubby is 65. However, in her new movie, The Rebound, Welsh siren Catherine Zeta-Jones shows no signs of growing old gracefully. Her role is a 'cougar' - a lady of middling years who gets her claws into a much younger man." Sounds great!

Read the whole article here. She provides a lot of great insight in the article. A few tidbits:

On roles for women over 40
"A lot of people talk about how hard it is to find good roles for older women but I, frankly, haven't found that. I've actually seen an influx of interesting and compelling roles that makes me confident that the over-40 myth in Hollywood is just that."

On sticking it to the twentysomethings
"I'm out to prove 40-year-olds can do it just as well as 20-somethings ever did. I'm not going out to pasture... I'm going after the juicy roles and I intend to prove older women have just as much strength in Hollywood as young women and men."

Great stuff, Catherine. And good luck!

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