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Kim Cattrall Says She's No Cougar

Kim Cattrall Says She's No Cougar

Kim Cattrall recently told the US TV show Extra: she’s no cougar.  “I was asked recently by a significant magazine for women over 40 to pose with a cougar, and I refused to it because I felt it was insulting.”

Kim, have you not been reading urbancougar?  Our definition:

Urbancougar: it’s not a stigma; it’s a sophisticated species of female who knows the pleasure of younger men.  She avoids the entanglement of “relationship” in favor of the freedom of the hunt.  She has overcome the taboos related to her sexual identity, embraced her true self, and now lives life to her fullest.  Always one for adventure, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it!”

Kim. Kim. Kim.  Please don’t ruin this for all your fans out there.  The term cougar has come a long way and a lot of our female fans have come to embrace the term as an expression of empowerment.  Cougar is a celebration of older women having the freedom to act as they like without the dated social taboo that only old men can do as they like.  This is your day!  And you, both in reality and as your character Samantha, are one of the most recognizable faces of our movement.  Please don’t toss it away as a negative connotation… Embrace it and share the love.
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