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Breaking: Martha Stewart is a Cougar

Breaking: Martha Stewart is a Cougar
Okay, this is big news. I mean, Martha Stewart is huge. She's a cultural icon. Women listen to what she says and follow her lead. And as she says, "Cougar's good."

We of course don't watch Jay Leno so this came over the transom via The New York Daily News which documents the exchange between America's favorite domestic goddess and friendly late-night host, writing:

After they talked about him hanging around her dressing room before the show - "And why did you do that, Jay?" she asked him coyly - he broached the topic of her dating habits.

"Would you date a younger man, would you get into the whole cougar thing?" Jay inquired before Martha, not missing a beat, replied, "Like you, you mean, as young as you?"

That begged another question. "How much younger is the youngest guy you've dated?" the host asked her.

A lot younger, it turns out.

"I was going out with this one guy for a while," Stewart said, "and my daughter called him uncle. . . . It turned out that he was only about a month older than she was, when we found out how old he was. That embarrassed me."

That meant Stewart's boyfriend was about 24 years her junior.

Here's the video with bonus footage of Martha as a sexy nurse.

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