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FOX 10's Linda Williams reports on what some are calling "over-cougarization." What do you think? Has the cougar phenomenon gone too far?

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  • Lucia

    I didn't think there was anything inappropriate with Tina's look to begin with. Now she just looks boring. As for the women they are describing, they are not cougars. A cougar is the cream of the crop of older women. One is not a cougar simply because they are over 40 and dating younger men. A cougar is attractive, in shape, healthy, classy, sexy and intelligent. Everyone else is just a wanna be Cougar

  • dynomite

    I agree with every that Lucia said, and that's why I love her.

  • Captain Confidence

    Cougars. Is it a lifestyle, image or frame of mind? So many sources claim to have the definite example and the criteria that must be followed. One thing is for sure that the cougar phenomenon has become a fad as stated by the news report as some women "not letting go of there youth." To be honest I can see that, as in my conversations with some I found them still want to party hard like the college girls. That's when I politely excuse myself and try to find a real cougar.

  • cangrinyc

    she is fucking hot.

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