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Madonna Stars in Sex Tape

Madonna Stars in Sex TapeWe learn through What Would Tyler Durden Do? that a Madonna sex tape is about to emerge. Shocking, we know. Who would've thought Madonna of all people would've found herself in a sex tape "scandal."

According to a story in The Mirror, in jolly ol' England, Madonna is "bracing herself on hearing that some of her old X-rated video tapes, voice messages and love letters are about to be made public. The intimate items are going up for grabs in an online auction. The personal artifacts - including two micro cassette tapes of answering machine messages and 21 faxed letters - shine the spotlight on her romance with former minder Jim Albright. He started work as her bodyguard in 1992 and mixed business with pleasure for two years."

So, it's from 1992, pretty much Madonna's pinnacle and the same year, as WWTDD mentions, she released her sex book. WWTDD expects big things. The humorous gossip blog writes:

If you made a sex tape in 1992, you had to really want to make a sex tape. Even home movie cameras were big clunky things with full size VHS tapes inside. Go to the White House today and put one of those on your shoulder. Secret Service would think it was a missile. A red dot would appear on your forehead and they’d turn you off like a light. So if Madonna made a tape back then, it had to be some big affair, maybe even with professional lighting and multiple cameras.

We wouldn't doubt it. This should be coming to a theater near you soon, and we think this may earn Madonna the acting acclaim she richly deserves and finally the Academy Award nomination she should've garnered for "Who's That Girl?"

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