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Carolyn Hennesey's Got it Right

Carolyn Hennesey's Got it Right
Unless you're a daytime soap fan, you're probably unfamiliar with Carolyn Hennesy. But the "General Hospital" star knows a thing or two about cougars - having starred in "Cougar Club" and coming to "Cougar Town" this fall in a role she calls "queen cougar." She sat down with The Trades and had many frank and insightful things to say about cougars.

An excerpt:

The Trades: I guess the term, cougar -- I'd always thought it was slightly denigrating, but it seems to have been accepted and embraced by women in their forties.

Carolyn Hennesy: Oh, absolutely! It stands for women empowering themselves. It stands for women not necessarily going out with protector/father/supplier figures -- that they are the ones in charge, that they will no longer be dominated by an older man.

It's normal for men to want, oh, oral sex from a woman, going out with trophy wives and dumping their loyal steadfast partners of umpteen years for younger models. When women do find themselves single, why is it wrong that they want to take comfort and just have a good time with a younger man? There's nothing wrong with it -- it's become kind of a badge of honor.

Carolyn knows what's what. And she's a fiery hot redhead. We love her.

To read the full article in which she talks about her new book, her roles in "Cougar Club" and "Cougar Town," and much else, click here.

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  • dynomite

    Embrace it! Embrace it!

  • Captain Confidence

    Many would say that the cougar phenomenon originally was discovered in the Graduate, yet it took Hollywood over 30 years to go to the well again and explore the possibilities. I believe the movie that kick started the interest of an older woman, younger man relationship was the comedy American Pie. Stiffler's mom indeed, but soon afterward a relationship that had everyone thinking they were being punk'd flourished; Ashton and Demi. The interest in that relationship legitimized the possibility that people where more open minded about such a relationship. Though there are some of us who try to have genuine relationships, many have used the cougar phenomenon purely for sex. The population on various cougar sites has grown, however it seems to be filled with a bunch of anxious, horny guys and very few actual cougars. Sex sells and the thrust of the mainstream cougar image has been surrounded with the fantasies element that comes with the once taboo younger man, older woman relationship. The cougar has recently been "cashed in" by Hollywood and they are milking it for what it's worth. The comedic portrayals of cougars have been exaggerated into stereotypes, making them out to be sex crazed women without substance living off the ex's money (SNL's Cougar Den skit, straight to DVD movie Cougar Club). Even the reality shows (TV Land's The Cougar and E!'s The Real Housewives of [insert city here]) have exploited the cougar image, turning it into something it's not. Everyone I've spoken hated The Cougar show claiming that the contestants chosen where immature and the cougar had no drawing appeal that made her stand out; some debated if she could even be considered a true cougar. The show failed because it tried to pass itself off as a Bachelor clone but turned into being more like Rock of Love. Yet with the new cougar projects on the horizon featuring women as Michelle Pfeiffer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, we will see if Hollywood shows that there is more to the cougar lifestyle than just sex. My hope is that women feel a little bit more comfortable dating a younger guy. In the past many of the women I talked to wanted to date a younger guy but the social norms prevented them. Hollywood has a track record of making people comfortable into adopting issues (race, gender equality, sexual preferences) into the mainstream day of life.

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