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Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!
Natalie Portman turned 28 on June 8, 2009, which is kind of remarkable given how long she's been in the public eye. This of course doesn't make her a cougar, but we've had our eye on this one for a long time anyway. She seems to us a classic cougar-in-training. Why? Well, let's just say she shares a common trait with the cougar women we love: she's unconventional. Plus, she's delicious.

There's no question the beautiful Portman makes unconventional acting choices. She's been in everything from low-budget indies like her big break in The Professional to huge blockbusters like those crappy Star Wars prequels. But she has equally unconventional tastes in men (see for yourself). We love that about her and don't see her changing or settling down any time soon. And only a would-be cougar could do this:

SNL Digital Short: Natalie Raps

So, Natalie, have a happy birthday. We've got our eye on you!

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