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Member: 4 years
Cub 36 (Parkville, Maryland US)


Why I'm a Cougar/Cub

When I was in High School, I always had a difficult time talking to any of the girls my age. There was so much pressure to impress them in some way either with being "cool", (I was not) or having a lot of money(one girl was always bragging about having her boyfriend pay for her cell phone back BEFORE they were the norm). Well one of my teachers was young, she must have been late 20's or early 30's! Nothing ever happened with her, however, I found I was able to relax and talk to her. She was not quick to judge me the way younger girls do. I found it easyer to be myself talking to her, and I found I really liked how mature and intelligent she was as compared to girls my age. So that's why I've always wanted to date a Cougar.

My first encounter

I'm still looking for that first time...
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