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About: Male, 40 (San francisco, CA)
Tags: Can you remember a time when you were feeling totally curious I mean maybe like when you were a little child and your birthday was approaching and your parents bought a present for you, and they kept it hidden inside the closet but you knew it was there and maybe you snuck in and you shook it and you tried to find out what was inside this wrapping, and you just could not wait for that moment when you were allowed to open this present and see what was inside or maybe when you were a little kid and you saw that first flash of bright color fly by your face and you thought what was that? and it was your first butterfly you see to me fascination, curiosity is about the ability to open you mind completely, to me as I think about it that is thats the way a curiousity about new learnings can take place.
About: Female, 42 (Ft. Collins, CO)
Tags: Why would have thought...
About: Male, 31 (Gainesville, Georgia US)
Tags: Passionate - Loving - Libido - Thoughtful
About: Male, 25 (Willingboro, New Jersey US)
Tags: Me - Care - Aggressive - Thought - Thinking - Strength - Working - Mind - Studying - Insomniac - Bored - Looking - Wondering - Music - Video Games - Gaming - Sports - Martial Arts - Fighting - Tae Kwon Do - Muay Thai
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