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Member: 6 years
Cougar 59 (Seattle / Bothell WA)

Thought of the day

It's all about fun.


Why I'm a Cougar/Cub

For me it's about having choices on my own terms. Who wouldn't want to have great fun, sex with a good lover, and the happy anticipation of what might be? I've had far more fun in the past 9 years than most can imagine. I believe women have an attractive durable strength and lots of lust for pleasure and sex. I have chosen to incorporate those elements into my life. I believe in doing no harm, and I care about rules but not oppressive ones. I've rewritten some guidelines to fit my lifestyle choices. Isn’t what men have done for years? I’ve met fabulous people to share time and played with fantastic men. I’ve laughed often. I keep pushing (the boundaries) reinventing myself. I enjoy the whimsy of life, sex, and daily living.
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    Hi sweetie.. How is it there? Kisses from Italy... - Nerello

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